The Birkman Method® is a great tool for just about everyone, from business professionals to students to husbands and wives.

The power of the Birkman is its application to your Professional Life AND Personal Life. It allows you to understand what makes you tick and why you react the way you do. The better you know yourself, the more effective you will be in the future!

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What is the Birkman Method®?

The Birkman Method® accurately measures productive behaviors, underlying needs and motivations, stress behaviors and organizational orientation. Application of The Birkman Method® enables higher levels of performance for individuals, teams and organizations and reduces stress behaviors. As a result, you can maximize the performance of yourself and others around you.

The Birkman Method® is a unique, fully integrated assessment tool that will give you a clear and accurate picture of who you are. This personality assessment is different from any others you may have taken in the past – Myers Briggs, Keirsy Temperament, Personalysis or DISC. The Birkman Method® helps individuals to identify their strengths, choose a suitable career, manage stress and understand what will keep their personal work motivation at a high level. The better you understand yourself – personally and professionally – as a unique, multi-dimensional individual, the better you can understand how you relate with others most effectively, as well as the direction you desire for your life in the future.

Over 5,000 companies and non-profit organizations have utilized the Birkman Method® to build cohesive teams, improve communication and productivity, increase sales, reduce turnover and enhance management effectiveness. The Birkman Method® draws from an extensive, non-clinical database of over 2 million people, making it one of the most valid and reliable tools devised for assessing interests, motivations and stress behaviors of individuals.

The Birkman focuses on five major perspectives:

  1. Usual Behavior: an individual’s effective behavioral style of dealing with relationships and tasks.
  2. Underlying Needs: an individual’s expectations of how relationship and social situations should be governed in context of the relationship or situation.
  3. Stress Behaviors: an individual’s ineffective style of dealing with relationships or tasks; behavior observed when underlying needs are not met.
  4. Interests: an individual’s expressed preference for job titles based on the assumption of equal economic rewards.
  5. Organizational Focus: the perspective in which an individual views problems and solutions relating to organizational goals.

Only The Birkman Method combines behavioral, motivational, and interest measurements in a single assessment. It features one system with one language to perform all levels of your human development work, replacing the need to use multiple tools.

What is the Birkman Method® questionnaire like?

The Birkman Method® questionnaire consists in part of 125 True/False questions about self, 125 True/False questions about most people, and 48 job preference questions. Through a process of regression and factor analysis, The Birkman Method® identifies a person’s everyday interpersonal style, underlying motivations, expectations and the signs of stress behavior. It’s a very simple questionnaire that provides amazingly accurate results. On average it only takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Should you take the Birkman?…No other option compares!

3rd Party Reviews of The Birkman Method®