We have been helping individuals and organizations achieve their potential for over a decade. Our main consultancy is located in Los Angeles, CA. We also have coaches in Washington, DC, and Boston, MA. The majority of our Birkman base level coaching is done via phone, so that we may serve the entire United States and Cananda.

Our team consists of highly motivated individuals who enjoy seeing the triumphs of others. We continue to use The Birkman Method® with great success. If you have ever had the chance to speak with someone who has taken the Birkman and harnessed the results, you understand its power.

Our coaches come from many different backgrounds. Some were educators, others corporate executives, and others entrepreneurs. We all understand the importance of finding fulfillment in one’s life, both professionally and personally, and the Birkman will help you get there. Not excited about your job? Not sure what your next move is? The Birkman is for you! Contact us anytime with questions!

Our goal is to provide you with your Birkman Results and help you develop an understanding of them so that you may use them to your advantage moving forward. We offer many other coaching packages, but on this website choose to market our entry level Birkman package, as our goal is to provide an affordable option for those seeking a Birkman Report®. If you desire a more coaching intensive package, please contact us and we will provide you with additional options.